Nikita Cad / Cam Solutions

3D Scanning System

Nikita Cad/cam Solutions is a prominent supplier of 3D Scanning System. We offer advanced 3D Scanning System that belong to reputed brands.

Mobile Non-Contact 3D Scanning unit

Key Features

  • Light weight mobile system
  • Scanning volume from medium to large parts (0.2m – over 10m)
  • Automated navigation with reference targets from ICam photogrammety
  • High Resolution and high accuracy
  • Advanced 5th generation white light scanning technology
  • Unique "easy & fast" measurement volume switch

Key Benefits

  • Simple to use
  • High productivity
  • Unprecedented price / Performance ratio
  • User-configured volumes with shop-floor calibration


  • Quality control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Digital mock-up
  • Rapid milling
  • Rapid prototyping
  • In all industrial sectors, medical domain, and art.